FFFFP on Vacation – Mont Saint-Michel

I am a fan of catching FFFFPs while on vacation (or wandering around particularly touristy places) – I can turn my camera directly towards them and they are either so caught up taking in the sights themselves, or do not question my aim.
While in Normandy, my stepfather and I stopped to have lunch at one of the many crêperies that line the windy street climbing Mont Saint Michel. Our patience in waiting (and trying to catch the eye of the host – an impossibility if they do not want to see you) was rewarded with a window table overlooking both the bay and an outlook on the defensive wall where visitors stopped to marvel at the speed of the ebbing tide.

I had my camera out anyways, in preparation to record our meal (I think anyone who travels with me must quickly get tired of this routine) – and I am so lucky I did. If not, we may have missed one of the best FFFFPs I have ever had the good luck to catch for posterity (made even more inexcusable and flabbergasting when you are reminded that this was taken at a holy pilgrimage site – one that has been standing for more than 1000 years). I was at the time (and still remain) without words. Seriously. However, The Boyfriend was capable of coherent thought and summed it up perfectly:

“What the actual f*&%?

MOM, put on some pants!”

 And, that was before she did this:

The only things left to the imagination after this are:

1) What type of caftan did she whip out of that tiny bag to actually gain entrance to the church at the top of the mountain?


2) What will it be like looking through vacation photos now, and in years to come, as one of those children?




5 responses to “FFFFP on Vacation – Mont Saint-Michel

  1. This is full of win. I need to find myself a pair of those shorts pronto. Although perhaps I should wait 15 years until I have children old enough to embarrass.

  2. You have good catch people on camera skills! Some people need to get over themselves, right? It’s a church, lady! Besides…I’m sure nobody was THAT interested in her bum. Can you say ‘conceited’? Lol…

    • researchingparis

      Thanks! I have a lot of fun with it – although I’m sure at some point it will backfire (pun completely intended). I’m always initially caught between being super happy that a women has the self-confidence to show off her body and then repulsed because it is a bit too much. There is so much power in suggestion and mystery – and your bum definitely should stay in that realm!

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