Long time, no FFFFP… (FFFFP #17)

Although it seems like we’ve barely entered spring when considering the novelty of seeing a strawberry – in June –, the recent onslaught of hot, sunny days does remind me that summer is almost (if not, already) upon us.  Most obviously, in Paris, summer brings with it tourists – overflowing the metro, sidewalks and parks. Additionally, the summer heat seems to inspire the French (at least the women) to make extra-bold fashion choices; mostly they wear as little, or as crazy as they can – to keep cool and make a statement, of course.

Over the past two weeks, while showing my visitor around town, I started to see this craziness pour out onto the city’s streets, from wherever it has been hidden away, hibernating during the winter months. I turned my camera away from flowers and food for a few minutes to capture the first of this seasons’ Friday French fashion faux pas(s):

The Tourist

One of the best parts about scouting tourist fashion faux pas is that you can aim a giant camera right at them and no one thinks twice. Clearly I was photographing the façade of the Louvre behind this particular woman… In all actuality, I was more taken aback by (and compelled to capture) the pink and black zebra print strapless bustier combined with the complimentary (?) pink scarf and matching nails and lipstick. How I know that she is most likely not Parisian? Sensible shoes. That’s good advice: if you are going to be scouting the city all day in clingy polyester club-wear, at least pair it with black Keds – your feet with thank you later.


Continuing on our animal print theme, our subject here took this season’s favorite pattern and decided it would look best on her head. I have seen my share of bad dye jobs (including ones on my own hair – mostly by my own hand), however this may be going too far. Unfortunately, I don’t think those stripes are going to do her any favors in blending into the urban jungle (or escaping my lens).


Some outfits are just funny. This was one of them. This dress looks like it either had an epic standoff with a shredder or it is some type of unfortunate cross between a flapper gown and a piñata. Her companion added further to my amusement – he’s the one with the turquoise pants on the right, looking like he had just returned from a drum circle/hacky-sack competition. They made quite the couple walking down the streets of Montmartre. (She does get points for cute shoes and crazy calf muscles – girl is strong.)


Saving the best for last was this corset/thigh-high boots combination, seen walking through the Palais Royale dressed like a pirate wench, early on a Monday evening. I have personal theories about what the height of one’s boots (not the heel, but the sheath up the leg) can tell you about career choices that immediately jumped to mind when seeing this particular outfit. Regardless, this cannot be comfortable. It is a bit difficult to see, but that corset was not just for looks – her waist was unnaturally thin. It was my understanding that womankind fought to move past this. Seeing the extent of cinch in person confirms (for me) that we don’t need to bring it back.

All-in-all, I think these photos speak for themselves. They shout, loud and clear that summer and the FFFFP is back.



2 responses to “Long time, no FFFFP… (FFFFP #17)

  1. You’re hysterical- and I could not agree more!


  2. Have sorely missed FFFFP — please share more!

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