In Images – Visitor, day 2

The tour of Paris continued today. We ate, we gawked and we ate some more. Currently, we are sprawled at home in a falafel coma. Good times.

(We started off the day with coffee and a croissant, as one should)

(Next was the winding metro ride across the city to the Catacombs. The line was long and the weather blustry, but we stuck it out and it was well worth it.)

(After emerging from the land of the dead, it seemed a good bet to counter with Notre Dame. Note the gathering darkness in the sky…)

(We crossed the Seine and ventured into Le Marais with a clear goal in mind, although we were slightly sidetracked by a torrential hailstorm – those clouds meant business.)

(Following a warming cup of coffee, a quick introduction between friends and a respite from the storm, we pushed on to our final destination. The best falafel in Paris. Recommended by Lenny Kravitz, even. How can you go wrong? Don’t answer that – you can’t, I promise.)

Psst – don’t fret, the Catacombs are next…

2 responses to “In Images – Visitor, day 2

  1. So glad you are blogging again — my main way of keeping track of what you are up to — And the photos are great! And regarding that crazy extended family, I hope we share writing genes (I hope mine is as enjoyable as yours) and think you somehow share cooking genes with Brian and Josh. Someday we must get you all together to share and create, and then we can all enjoy!!!

    • researchingparis

      Thank you!! I hope that we can all share our talents, very soon! Your comments always brighten my day – I am so glad that we have this way to reach out to each other. All my love!

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