(Mostly) In Images – Mid-week repast (Chez Casimir)

Late last week, while sitting in yet another lab meeting, I received a one-line email that made my  stomach growl and my heart flutter, “Interested in dinner tonight? I need a review spot…”

One of the perks of befriending ex-pat chefs and food bloggers in Paris is that there is rarely hesitation about where to eat next. Most of the time, I need only to agree to a meeting time and place, wherein I place myself in their very capable hands for the next culinary adventure.

Most recently, this is was our spot:

We each chose the four course menu, a steal at 32€.

For me, an entrée of terrine de campagne, served with  a lightly dressed salad and an accompanying jar of homemade cornichons and pickled peppers.

For her, a salad of pickled vegetables and a large fillet of mackerel.

We both chose seafood for our main courses; she had a Cabillaud (cod) with artichokes (above), and I chose the monkfish with eggplant purée.

Following the main course, this haphazard collection of cheese found its way to our table, from which we could sample freely (at least until our dining neighbors, bemused from watching us photograph each course, decided it was their turn, reached over and took it from us).

Desserts: clafoutis (above), featuring Reine Claude plums, and hers (below), roasted figs topped with an almond lace cookie and lavender ice cream.

The food was delicious, the service kind and incredibly prompt and the price was just right. For scientific accuracy, I should insist on a repeat visit (Camille?). However, I am certainly game the next time an email finds its way into my inbox suggesting one of the many other culinary adventures in this city…

Chez Casimir (read the actual review here)

6 rue de Belzunce

Paris, 75010

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