On vacation: Tour de gelato

After two years, it is easy to see that starting (and maintaining, for the most part) this blog has altered the way I observe and interact with the world around me. Rather than walking down the street blindly, lost in thoughts of experiments that did not work or fighting pangs of homesickness, I find that (on good days) I am alert, looking for an anecdote to share or photos to take that will sum up where my mind and heart are at that moment.

Father/daughter self-portrait – 1981ish

More than a mere change in my day-to-day perspective, capturing these moments has enhanced and expanded my personal confidence and allowed me to develop skills and hobbies that now bring me great joy. Nowhere is that more evident than my growing love of photography. This is hardly surprising; as the daughter of a photographer there was never a lack of appreciation for this particular art form in my home. Until recently however, taking the pictures was always Dad’s purview – I was usually the one in front of the camera, deftly posing in ways that had become second nature over the last 30-some-odd years. Today my burgeoning interest in getting behind the lens is not only about capturing the beauty of everything around me, but is also providing a new and engaging way for my father and I to connect across the thousands of miles between San Diego and Paris.

Since arriving in France almost three years ago, I have sent hundreds of photos back home from all over the globe, always interested in (and slightly nervous about) the feedback on color, composition and image quality I know will come in response. For some reason it was the photo above, of an afternoon snack taken while visiting friends Strasbourg in 2009, which captured my dad’s imagination. That gelato shot, he would recall repeatedly as time went by, was fantastic. As any only daughter of an exacting father can attest, that kind of final approval and appreciation of a job well done is priceless.

When he heard of my plan to spend a week in Italy this summer with one of my oldest and best friends, he returned to that photo. “Have a great time”, he said, “and be sure take pictures of all the gelato you eat!”

This is for you, dad:

Melon (orange) and Rum Raisin (yellow)

 Mandarin (yellow) and Pear (white)

Strawberry (pink) and Yogurt with Red Fruit Swirl (white)

Cinnamon (brown) and Coconut (white)

Pistachio/Almond and Red Fruits/Zabaglione

Hungry yet? More vacation stories and photos to come…

4 responses to “On vacation: Tour de gelato

  1. Back on the horse! Hooray! I suddenly have a strange craving for ice cream…

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