Weekly Harvest 13: Attack of the Endless Tomatoes!

I have a confession to make. I am hoarding Weekly Harvest posts. Well, maybe hoarding is a bit too severe a term – I am just one week behind and, rather than cram more paniers into this post, I’ve decided to stockpile (does a stockpile of one exist?). This makes sense if you realize, as I did last night, that this is our last week of vegetable-y goodness for a month; they depart for their various vacations next week.

Not to be outdone by my produce, I also will be departing for a brief vacation next week, hoping to return well rested and miraculously filled with a bottomless supply of patience. Work and our endless rainy weather has drained me of whatever of that I have left. Although fresh ingredients that fit just as well into cool summer dinners as warm gooey feasts has been helping to turn that soggy frown upside down.

Without further ado, (last) week’s harvest: 

Pausing for a slight rant: according to my subscription, I am supposed to receive five vegetables and one fruit each week. For the past three weeks I have received two crates of tomatoes and no fruit. Yes, technically tomatoes are a fruit and I am starting to wonder if this is what they are counting on. We eat them like a vegetable, so one crate counts as a veggie, but then technically they are a fruit, so that base is covered as well? Lame.

(Still impressed with the quality of the iPhone 4 photos…)

Don’t get me wrong, they are delicious and the green stripey ones this week were fantastic served simply garnished by an amazing balsamic vinegar and good quality mozzarella as an appetizer for the main dish below. I still miss my mid-summer berries (Amanda, I am looking jealously at you) and stone fruits, and for just these few minutes I am going to pout about it (read: impatience explanation provided above). Ok, finished now. Thanks for your patience with that.

Ratatouille comes to mind immediately when faced with a bounty of tomatoes and eggplant, and I took that one step further making this soup staple. It was a great dinner for an impromptu girls gathering and made for excellent lunch leftovers in the following days. Now that I have soup on the brain, I am considering something like this for the weekend – the carrots desperately need a purpose, as they are currently languishing in my fridge (and wishing, I am sure, that they had gone on vacation instead).

The remaining tomatoes were used by Camille in a delicious roasted eggplant, tomato and goat cheese pasta bake . We had optimistically thought a pasta salad picnic would be perfect for watching The Triplets of Belleville (fantastic movie, by the way) under the stars. The mid-day downpour more than dampened our plans and made something gooey far more appealing.

Of course we should not forget the more-than-occasional salad. Nothing new there. I have yet to go through an entire head of lettuce in time by myself – especially when it feels more like October than (almost) August. At this point I find it hardly ironic that I am hoping that the vegetables will bring back some sunshine for the La Rentrée.

One response to “Weekly Harvest 13: Attack of the Endless Tomatoes!

  1. We’ve eaten sooo many tomatoes since our double-double take of tomatoes on Wednesday. There seems to be no end to them!

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