In Images: 14 Juillet (by night)

We left off with the sun setting…

This photo is pretty self-explanatory. I still think it’s hilarious.

We had a great view, as the darkness settled.

And the tower sparkled.

Then there were fireworks (feux d’artifice). I found it strange that they set the show to Broadway musical hits, including the grand finale set to ‘America’ from West Side Story, but our group of ex-pats certainly enjoyed it. They were beautiful:

And then, sparkles and fireworks! Be still my heart. And those hands in the way? Yes, the same person from above…

And then it was finished, with only the lingering smoke to remind us that it had been at all.

As is my (mostly) week of blogging about the event (hence the two posts in one day). It was a great day with much laughter and joy – I have been enjoying reliving it here.

And, for you, thoughts on these ‘images’ posts? I have so many photos taken over the past few months encompassing traveling I have done and things I have seen and often think that they tell their own story. Maybe a good goal for a weekly feature?

8 responses to “In Images: 14 Juillet (by night)

    • researchingparis

      Thanks! And thanks for commenting – I love your blog!! A little advice never hurt anyone – especially me 🙂

  1. I think an “images” post is a lovely idea!

    (and that baby deserves a post on The Sartorialist blog. Seriously…that kid is more fashionable than I am)

  2. Derp. Baby was in your last post…obviously, you can tell I read both at the same time.

    • researchingparis

      That was the idea (I thought about spacing them by a day and realized that was a cheap way out). Most children here are adorable in their fashion-forwardness. They have more style in their baby pinkie than I have in my entire 32 years of experience. Jealous? Just a little…

  3. Fantastic photographs!

  4. Beautiful! It also looks like the tower is going to take off like a UFO or something!? Funny…but pretty.

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