In Images: 14 Juillet (by day)

After sorting through the >1000 photos we all took on 14 Juillet, it became clear that the best way to share our celebration that day with all of you would be through those images. This was our day:

We arrived (extra) early to get a good spot in front of the Eiffel Tower. The military parade on the Champs-Élysées was just winding down, so we saw several massive helicopters doing low sweeps over the city. Disappointingly, it all started out grey and cool.

It did not take long for the clouds to break (although they would threaten to return for most of the afternoon). I was joined by two friends happy to help me reserve the space for those who could come later – and dive into picnic, round 1.

Much has already been said about our quirky neighbors, so I’ll keep it short. Suffice it to say that they took the party to an entirely new level and I will forever be grateful for that. It would not be a proper recap without them. Plus, they clearly are protecting us from evil, from wherever it may come…

Two hats were brought to the party and, at some point throughout the day, everyone wore one or the other – or, in my case, for a short time, both. As one friend put it, “Headgear does make people smile.” ‘Nuff said. Except, for next time, can someone please tell me I have pepper in my teeth before pictures get taken? Thanks.

Our little picnic grew (along with the crowd), as the day went on.

Another neighbor who had the cutest. baby. ever. Seriously, babies with glasses just get me. Every time.

The concert under the Tower began around 6pm. It was mostly French pop – a bit of which I recognized from occasionally overhearing French radio.  The crowd was massive and in good spirits (full of them them as well, at this point).

Of course, where there is music, there will be dancing. And in France, it is mandated somewhere that this must be some type of Can-Can. Right?

The sun started to set.

New friends were made.

Lights came on, and we were ready for the real party to begin…


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