Drowsy Sunday

Today I took a clue from the cool, rainy weather – with the exception of a brief breakfast outing, I tucked in, drank tea (and, eventually, a glass of wine) and putted around doing house/heartwarming things.

This included large chunks of time dedicated to exploring several newly discovered photography blogs, all of which inspired me to let images of a grey, drowsy Sunday speak (almost) for themselves.

Walking past tourists braving the rain to see Sacre Coeur on my way to…

…warm my hands and fill my belly with breakfast at Cocoliquot.

Tomatoes, hoarded from the past few weeks’ paniers, waiting…

to become a delicious Sunday afternoon meal,

all the while putting finishing touches on a baby blanket – with one week to go.

A day for meandering, earnest thoughts, kitchen smells, a bit of journaling and dancing alone in the living room. Restful and rejuvenating for the week ahead.


5 responses to “Drowsy Sunday

  1. How gorgeous! Lovely photos and great blanket!

  2. Wow, what a blanket!

    I’m so glad that you’re posting more often…

  3. researchingparis

    Lisa and Amanda – Thanks for the compliments on the blanket. The baby boy is due in a little over a week, was glad to get it done in time… Now there is another girl coming in October, should get started soon 🙂
    Amanda – I am happy to be back to posting as well. Amazing how fast time can fly. But good to know I have found ways of re-centering when it seems to get off-balance. This blog is key to that process 🙂

  4. the pasta looks deeeeelish! will have to try the recipe myself.

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