FFFFP #15: Bastille Day Edition

Things I was reminded of on this Bastille Day:

1. I live here. Seriously. Amazement renewed.

2. Picnic food is delicious. Especially when shared with good friends and served with copious rosé (or whatever is your wine of choice, we weren’t picky).

3. Some French people are crazy. Bat-s&*t crazy. Take, for example, our picnic neighbors:

Spiderman is an icon. Rather, Speedermahn (proper French pronunciation is a must) is a cultural touchstone. He does not grow old. Or have a muffin-top. Or smoke cigarettes and drink 151 proof, off-brand vodka straight from the bottle. Until now. Very unfortunately.

Speedermahn was accompanied by a young Obi-Wan Kenobi (obviously, right?). He seemed rather clean-shaven (and short) for emulating Ewan McGregor/young Alec Guinness. Not that you can tell this quite yet from the dramatic cape action depicted here (although it does not appear that he’s able to see anything either).

Better to see them in action (are they blessing the photographer here?):

It was La Fête Nationale – the annual celebration of the modern French state and honoring of the liberté, egalité, fraternité ideals that my adopted home holds so dear. Not Comic-Con. As far as I knew. Clearly, one of us did not get the memo.

Speaking of which, who is this guy and what is that on his head?

No matter, much fun was had by all. Frankly, sitting next to the Comic Book All-Stars was definitely one of the highlights of the afternoon. I cannot quite put into words the incredulity we all felt as we watched their party evolve, with additional costumed friends joining throughout the festivities (samurais, Al Capone). As usual, I have friends that are far more eloquent than I, and so I quote, “…you did a great job in capturing the quintessential of a retired superhero. Sadly, this is what happens when your idol grows old and tired….. it’s a lesson for all of us. Never give up! (and don’t wear a tight costume if your belly sticks out more than your manhood does).” Thanks, Gianni.

#4. Did I tell mention this? I live here – this is my life:

So, so, so lucky…

8 responses to “FFFFP #15: Bastille Day Edition

  1. The one you don’t know is a character from the anime, Naruto! 🙂

  2. To answer your question, Naruto (anime). I think I watched it once or twice, and wasn’t impressed (which means it must really, really suck because I will watch just about anything anime).

    And? Also very, very jealous!

  3. researchingparis

    Sherri and Amanda – Thanks for cluing me in. The mystery of who he was supposed to be has been bothering a few from our group… Does Naruto also wear a wolf howling at the moon T-shirt that is eerily reminiscent of a bad velvet painting? Because that was almost as amusing as the costume…
    Kettle and Amanda – With the stress and distractions of everyday life, it can be easy to forget the beauty and magnificence of my surroundings and friends. It was great to have the occasion to be reminded. No need to be jealous – you can always come visit 🙂

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