Carnival (belatedly, FFFFP#14)

Spring has finally sprung in Paris. Trees outside my office that were brown and barren just one week ago now form a lush green barrier between scientist wannabes (yeah, right) and the institute. And then there were the radishes in this week’s panier – vibrant magenta, just slightly sharp and the perfect snack with a bit of salt and butter. Never mind all that, I’ll save the waxing rhapsodic about spring produce for tomorrow’s post.

Today it is Friday and finally time to welcome the return of the FFFFP:

(I get the impression that the woman in the back may be preparing to take the same photo, just from a different angle. I clearly would have if I had been a paying customer – in fact, I’d feel entitled to it.)

I do realize that Easter is extremely late this year. That means that Carnival (in all its incarnations) did just happen a few weeks ago. However, I remain doubtful that the Mardi Gras parade is poised to roll down Boulevard Saint Germain and pause outside of Les Deux Magots to pick her up.

Also to note, between the hat and all those beads, this woman must have the strongest neck ever… Comments? Thoughts? Possible alternative uses for the five hats she seems to be wearing concurrently?

Welcome back to FFFFP season, everyone!


9 responses to “Carnival (belatedly, FFFFP#14)

  1. Is she related to Bartholemew Cubbins?

    • researchingparis

      Geoff – that would explain so much! Perhaps a long lost cousin? Very lost, from the looks of it…

  2. So glad that FFFFP season has rolled around again! The sights of Paris are so much more interesting than the fashions of rural Arizona!

  3. Is that Conan O’Brien sitting behind her, looking away in shame to have found his comedic master?
    For comparison:

  4. What is everybody looking at off stage left? Excellent picture, I’m glad we got it. 🙂

    • researchingparis

      I’m super glad we got it too. I have no idea what they are all looking at – maybe they are all conspicuously avoiding looking at her?

  5. How did she decide that she had put enough garniture around her neck? I really want to know the thought process. And does a bell ring somewhere if you pull that giant tassle hanging off of her leg?

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