Bam! (FFFFP #13)

Despite being gone from the blog for a while, I have kept my eyes open (and camera ready) for FFFFP candidates all the while. And, although belatedly, I figure we could start 2011 with a bang. Or, as Emeril would put it (I believe, in this case, very appropriately), BAM!

Clearly this one was taken a while ago. I think on my way to a World Cup match last summer. I have been holding onto it, waiting for the moment that the blog needed some oomph. I think this counts.

So, thoughts? She definitely was ahead of the curve, correctly predicting the return of Uggs as an over-the-leggings shoe of choice. And it does seem that animal prints are very much tendance. However, I am troubled. Why do sheer nylon leggings even exist? And, if you choose to wear them – with sheepskin boots – in JULY – tuck them inWith that being said, I can understand that she might be a bit warm, yet the fan is a paradox (and my favorite part). The minimal Asian print doesn’t really compliment the decidedly, um, unsubtle, look of the rest of the outfit. Maybe sandals? A light, below-the-rear flowy skirt? All cooler options next time you are dressing for a parade.

The whole ensemble leaves me relatively speechless (quite a feat, I tell you). It is possible that I have an inherent block to making excessively snarky comments about pregnant women (unconfirmed, but I think I am safe in that assumption), or it may just be that the tiger stripes are inducing some nausea. Either way, this winter of black coats, black scarves and black boots has been less than inspiring. Photos like this remind me what I have to look forward to as we inch towards the warm season – I do miss me some crazy Paris summer.

2 responses to “Bam! (FFFFP #13)

  1. I agree that it doesn’t seem right to mock the pregnant, but I can’t help myself. I didn’t even know they made maternity wear for hookers.

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