Up, Up and Away

(Image borrowed from here, with my many thanks)

I am now completely certain that I blink twice and a month goes by. Clearly I did not succeed in my NaBloPoMo goals for July, however, I think I did pretty well – for at least three weeks – so I claim partial victory and had moved on. Well, not quite moved on as gotten sucked into the vortex of laboratory work that always characterizes my 2-3 weeks pre-vacation. In late July, it hit me that I was leaving in mid-August for a significant chunk of time and, between then and my departure, I had a (close to) superhuman to-do list. My initial response to this epiphany was paralysis – too much to do, not knowing where to start leads to me doing nothing (except freaking out on the inside) – followed by the dismissal of that fear of failure and a head-first dive into work. Complete immersion. Social hibernation. Utter lack of online communication.

It worked. The critical things got done, the not-so-important things were pushed off (or dropped altogether) and everything else got advanced a few steps and then put on hold. On August 20 I put down my pipettes, shut my work computer all. the. way. down. And left town. My itinerary follows:

Paris to Boston (visit The German, give a talk)

Boston to Washington, DC (visit friends, explore US culture for a change)

(Image borrowed from here, with my many thanks)

Washington, DC to San Diego (visit friends and family, wedding)

(Image borrowed from here, with my many thanks)

San Diego to the Central Coast (playing on the beach, visiting friends and family)

(Image borrowed from here, with my many thanks – and a desire to somehow get that photographer’s job)

Los Angeles to Yokohama (return to work via an international meeting)

(Image from here, with my many thanks)

Yokohama to Paris (home again)

I am one of those people who loves to plan vacations and look forward to them but, when the time comes, I have a difficult time actually leaving. There is always more to do and it is never the right time. Especially to take almost a month off to circumnavigate the globe (although to be fair, the huge chunk of travel and time between LA and Paris is for work). This time was no different and I was frantically crossing things off my list until the very last minute. Thankfully I have good friends (hi, C !) who personally escorted me to the taxi I had reserved to take me and my month’s worth of luggage to the airport. I am sure they were thrilled to get rid of me for a while and finally get some peace and quiet around the lab.

So, here I am – back again. Blogging around the world. Wanna come along?

2 responses to “Up, Up and Away

  1. YES! It has been 2 years and I am itching to travel again

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