Slight Science Content Ahead

Length of workday? 19 hours

Experiments in progress? Two

Mice sacrificed for the furthering of knowledge? Confidential – mainly to avoid upsetting any animal loving readers

Samples stained for FACS analysis? 192

Hours collecting data on Canto? 5 hours, 10 minutes (including cleaning and shutdown)

Days necessary for data analysis? As of yet, unknown

Price of 3:20 am cab ride home? € 11,80

Probability of scientific success? Somewhat limited, mostly due to stupid user (re: me) error(s)

Satisfaction with the job (somewhat) well done? Disproportionately ecstatic (this could be the exhaustion. or the residual caffeine.)

Consistency of passion for science, despite episodes of late night mediocrity? Solid

Hours until I need to be back in the lab? Six

Liklihood I may perhaps be delusional? need to get a life? slowly going insane? Highly probable

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