Just a post to note that I am still here…

Wednesday night has turned into American night. We meet each week to discuss our projects and give each person a chance to explain their science (this ends up being a lot more fun than it sounds). Although, tonight ended up going into overtime. On my way home from the meeting I got caught up in beer and conversation with 3 stewardesses from US Air, who happened to be eating dinner at our corner pub (close to work). We drank beer  – one turned into three or four – and now I have promises of deliveries of cheddar cheese and IPA, as well as potential first class upgrades. Not quite sugar plum fairies, but it will do for now.

Good night! Talk soon!!

2 responses to “Addendum

  1. That? Is awesome! How great!

    • researchingparis

      Fun things happened to me in Boston, but for some reason random connections like these are so much more hilarious in Paris. It was a good time, for sure… Although the arrival at work only 6 mere hours after posting this is the lead-in to what I can only think of as a painful day… 🙂

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