I could not survive in Paris without the Internet, in particular NPR podcasts. Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me’s companion blog is hilarious and I highly recommend it to all. This week they took the cake with their Bastille Day post. I’m assuming they were thinking of me…

I have discovered recently that a number of my friends are keeping incredibly interesting blogs of their own. I wanted to be sure to give them a mention here, because they are all doing things to affect and reflect change in our world:

“In An African Minute” documents efforts at trying to bring 21st century technology and opportunity to the African continent. Dig Girl follows a friend’s thoughts and adventures as an archeologist. Lastly, Brittany uses her blog as a medium for sharing her art (photography) and is, as of now, her main platform for providing information for her upcoming cross-USA bicycle trip to raise money for the universal availability of clean water.

Not so much a problem in Paris, where the hippie/hipster axis does not yet appear to be a major concern, this flow chart would certainly help in California or certain parts of Boston/Cambridge. I could also see it being turned into a fun drinking game…

Speaking of the Golden State, if anyone happens to be planning a road trip (take me with you!), I would highly recommend following this itinerary. I can vouch for several of the places personally (including a mention of my home town), although I can also guarantee that you should bring only pants/skirts with elastic waistbands.

I am pretty sure that the auction is over, but I think these rules still apply – and should be strictly enforced.

Just a good song, whatever you believe. I personally don’t think it is possible to go wrong with Bruce, especially live. Seeing that is on the Life List.

Finally, a snapshop of life in Paris, generously volunteered from one of my recent visitors (over a necessary glass of rosé). It’s not always fun and games…

(set on the steps below Basilica Sacre Coeur)

Busking artist: “Do you want me to paint a portrait of you?”

Friend (girl): “No, thank you.”

Busking artist: “I can make you beautiful.”

Friend (girl): “But I already am beautiful.”

Busking artist: “No you’re not. I can work wonders.”

Note – And natives wonder why outsiders think Parisians are rude. Hrumph.

2 responses to “Miscellanea

  1. Thanks for the blog links, they sound right up my alley. A response to the busking artist “mmm…if you can make me more beautiful, then why don’t you try it on yourself first? Oui?”

  2. No, in Paris, they’re pretty firmly lodged in hipster territory. Although they do bathe infrequently…

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