For the Boys (FFFFP #11)

If last night was for the girls, then tonight is for the boys.

I think, overall, most guys would agree that male clothing is much more limited in its variation and disaster potential than that available for women.  Really, what guy does not look good in a nicely tailored suit? However, there do exist plenty of French male fashion stereotypes as well – and they were initially made for a reason. Particularly those relating to how tight French pants are… it is truly incredible that some of these men still have sensation in their lower extremities (which they would have to if they are still standing, right?).

Although not as frequent/utterly obvious and rarely caught on film, the male FFFFP can be identified in the wild. Luckily for us, I have good friends with quick camara-phone trigger fingers. This week our equal opportunity FFFFP was caught by my friend (and chef extraordinaire, maker of onion dip) Camille.

Everyone please give a big FFFFP welcome to Dipped in Acid(Wash)!

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I am actually just going to quote Camille, because she said it best,

Saw these guys walking home on rue Château d’Eau.  The guy on the right looks cool, the guy in the middle looks fine (although his jeans appear to have some of that stupid extra s#*t that seems to me mandatory on men’s jeans here), but the guy on the left – wow!  Untied combat boots, acid-washed skinny jeans with extra whatnot, and shirt made of… pleather? Rubber?  Garbage bags?  His friends really should have said something.”

I am in full agreement. In fact, I should have a contest for the reader that comes up with the most creative suggestion regarding the material of Mr. Dipped-in-Acid’s shirt. Any ideas? And really, how does he not trip strutting down the street? Didn’t his mom always tell him to double-tie his shoes to avoid such a situation? Why are untied shoes so hot recently anyways?  So many questions, so little time. Clearly, I need a cadre of fashion deputies. Takers?

3 responses to “For the Boys (FFFFP #11)

  1. It’s made of remnants of Darth Vader’s cape. It’s evil, duh. Though, unlike Lord Vader, I’m fairly certain that there’s no redemption for that shirt.

  2. Wow, that does not look breathable at all. I am chafing just looking at it.

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