Cures for the Blahs

As a warning, if you have a Y chromosome it is best to leave now. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program of bizarrely dressed Parisians tomorrow…

There are some days that are just blah. Today was one of those days. There were definitely highs – great lunch conversation and an impressively well executed chalk talk – but for the most part the day just hovered in the apathy zone. At one point outside forces pushed me into full-force anger but then, like a boomerang, I returned to indifference. Ideas were fleeting, inspiration/motivation at a lull and productivity practically non-existent.

I am sure a lot of this is the post-Bastille Day-I-really-have-to-go-to-work-early realization (and need for sleep), but then again, sometimes I’m just not feeling it. I tried the usual suspects for cheering me up: loud dance music, rambling conversations with funny colleagues, online shopping and even (gasp!) beer with friends. I did stop short of karaoke at an Irish pub. Maybe that was the key…

I arrived home, still feeling out of sorts and I pulled out all the stops. The one thing that will make me smile when all of the above cannot?

Red toes. (Yes, I have freakishly fat pinky toes.)

They just make me happy. Now I feel a bit lighter and I’m starting to dance around the house. I know that out there on the interwebs, the girls get me. The guys are shaking their heads wondering why they didn’t just pay attention and wait until tomorrow to catch up. Told you so.

3 responses to “Cures for the Blahs

  1. Red toes are the secret cure! 🙂

  2. I get you. And now must paint my toes.

  3. I think online shopping works for me every time. 🙂

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