For the most part, my recent visitors have toured Paris by day while I’m working and I have joined each evening to linger over a decadent meal while the tales of the day are shared. I do get the opportunity to play tourist along with my friends during a weekend stay or a spontaneous afternoon off of work. I always am happy that I take the time, to enjoy my friends’ company and be reminded of the beautiful, blooming city by which I am surrounded.

Thanks to a volcano (remember that?), my friend L got stuck in Paris a little longer than expected. Sure – there are many worse places to be stuck (the floor of the Detroit airport comes to mind), but I can understand that there’s no place like home and, although my foldout couch is pretty tolerable, it certainly wasn’t her bed. As a sweet reward for her patience (or to mellow her anxiety) we topped an sun-drenched Saturday afternoon stroll down the Champs Élysées off with a visit to Ladurée.

I have previously mentioned my desire to make a pilgrimage to each of the temples of Paris pâtisserie, and, with this visit to the flagship store, we were able to cross one more destination off that list. We entered the mint green facade and quickly got into line to pick up a few macarons to-go, rather than blow the weekend budget on afternoon tea. I took out the camera and snapped a few photos of the edible art and the frosting-like interior (so many swirls and pastels) before being firmly asked to put my camera away – personal photography is not allowed. After tense deliberation and running the mangled gauntlet at the cashier, we exited three macarons richer.

(clockwise from top: blackberry-violet, mimosa and caramel beurre salé)

We continued our walk towards the Arc de Triomphe slowly, sharing and savoring each macaron, bite-by-bite. For a few minutes there was no unpronounceable volcano grinding the world economy to a halt with its spewing ash cloud, no impending clinical rotations (her) or massive experiments (me). We were just two friends catching up after a long hiatus, soaking in the sun on the first warm spring day and living the sweet life in Paris.

Ladurée Champs Élysées

75 avenue des Champs Élysées

75008, Paris

3 responses to “Ladurée

  1. NOW you are talking about my FAVORITE place in Paris besides Angelina!!!! I even love the colors of the walls and want to paint the guest room that color (so when you visit you feel France & feel at home!)!

  2. The Tour De Force

    Oh Laduree is amazing. I went to Paris recently and brought back a huge box of macaroons for my friends at school – who just didn’t appreciate them enough so I ate them all myself. The liquorice is my favourite; unsual as I normally hate liquourice but such is the power of a Laduree macaroon!

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