Intermission III – In Which We Celebrate

Note – For those of you keeping close watch, I had been stealthily aiming for NaBloPoMo in July. I guess I missed the mark last night. However, I am going to cheat and count this post for yesterday – I wrote it before going out (minus the victor) and, unfortunately, chose immediate sleep upon returning rather than the quick cut and paste. Oh well, nobody’s perfect. It is still yesterday in Hawaii, so it counts…

It is finally over –SPAIN WINS!!

Now, we can return to our regularly scheduled food and bad fashion blog – with a few posts on travel or Paris sites/events to keep things interesting.

I had originally thought to do the same today. I have been mentioning football way too much in this space lately and did not again want to use it as an excuse for not posting something more insightful or interesting. However, even beyond the obvious reasons, this match turned out to be a bit special and I wanted to be sure to acknowledge that here.

For the semi-final match last Tuesday (Uruguay v. Netherlands) and then again for the 3rd place match last night (yay Germany!), our group had gathered in the back room of this pub, a relatively quiet place conveniently within walking distance from work.

After Germany’s victory, we were finishing our beer and discussing where we would be taking up residency Sunday afternoon in preparation for watching the final match between Spain and The Netherlands. We inquired with the proprietor of The Blue Buoi about their availability for Sunday’s game. Not surprisingly he responded that the bar is closed on Sundays (side note – everything is closed on Sundays here – unless you are in my neighborhood – rrrr). However, he went on to say that he would open the pub especially for our group. That he was going to come down and watch the game on the big screen anyways and, since we were such good clients, we were welcome to join him. Not only would he open the place but he’d serve drinks, as well as salads and burgers. Wow. We were all astonished at his generosity and flexibility. Plus, that meant that we could have our day to do as we pleased (for me, this meant work) and then meet up just 30 minutes before game time. So much more productive (and overall better) than staking out territory mid-afternoon in some bar across town.

So we gathered

We ate and drank

We cheered on our chosen teams (Netherlands, despite all my talk about Torres a few days ago).

And we all made sure to leave (for France) a large tip.

So, here is to the kindness of strangers and the camaraderie of football. It was a good move on his part. He just acquired a new group of regulars and a ridiculous amount of karma.

The Blue Buoi

50, Boulevard de Vaugirard

75015, Paris

2 responses to “Intermission III – In Which We Celebrate

  1. I KNEW my Spaniards wouldn’t let me down!!! WooHoo! Living there in 2000 I saw their futbol matches and it was one of the best things I remember from there! Viva Espana!

  2. I was undecided until that vicious boot to the chest. Red card for sure. Eh, Germany won their match (which was more entertaining than the final), but my man Forlan won the Golden Ball! Yay!

    And how wonderful is your story! Stuff like that just makes me happy, even when it doesn’t happen to me.

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