Paris Bites: La Part des Anges

I have recently learned that the quickest way to silence my blog output is having houseguests. There has been a continuous stream of visitors in and out of my house from mid-April through the end of June, which considered, in large part, responsible for my lengthy silence around these parts the last few months. Just to be clear, I am not complaining, I love visitors – y’all come back now, y’hear!

I guess this reprioritizing of time makes sense – it is way more fun to hang out and tour the city with friends and loved ones while they are here and leave writing about it until later. However, somehow I had always assumed that having guests provides motivation to (get off my butt on a Saturday, and) see new things in Paris, which by definition would lend itself to new and exciting blog fodder. This does happen a bit, especially with return visitors. I very much enjoyed my visit to the Musée Marmottan, with friend J, which at the same time delighted with the most extensive Monet collection I have ever seen and discouraged by confiscating all camera equipment upon entry (sorry).

However, when it comes to food, this has certainly not been the case. Rather than testing out new places on unsuspecting guests, I have gathered a small cohort of favorite places to show off in my neighborhood and beyond, to give each a taste of the flavors of Paris. This list includes the great street food and other European cuisine I have already mentioned here. But for real French cuisine I take everyone across the street to ‘my’ local bistro, La Part des Anges. I have become such a regular at this miniscule eatery that my voice (more likely my accent) is recognized on the phone when I call to ensure that there is a table available. I have gotten a lot of teasing for never bringing in the same guests twice (except for J, we went back again and again and again), but I have also been on the receiving end of an appreciative glance followed by an occasional digestif offert, for what I would like to think as thanks for our regular patronage.

I do return because I like the ambiance – it feels like I have stumbled upon and discovered some hidden culinary jewel. But really it is just because the food is that good. And reasonable. The dinner menu is available for 19€, featuring your selection of an appetizer + main course, or a main course + dessert. I believe I have tried all the variations/combinations possible and am still delighted to go back and try again. I will not bother to recreate the menu here (and it is pictured above, on the chalkboard), and can assure you that I have not yet seen someone go wrong with their order.

No matter what the choice for dinner, wrapping things up by sharing artisinal ice cream in one of many flavors (caramel buerre salé pictured above), a slice of the swoon-inducing fondant au chocolat or the creamy fraise et framboise gratin is the perfect fin to a quintessential French meal. I am looking forward to exploring which cooler options have made it on the menu to compliment the heat of the summer. I just need more visitors! And perhaps a better exercise routine?

La Part des Anges

13, rue Chappe

Paris 75018

01 46 06 69 80

7 responses to “Paris Bites: La Part des Anges

  1. LOVED that place Lissa & can’t wait to take MOM! xoxo See you SOON!!! xoxo

  2. One of the best trips of my life. By far the best way to experience Paris is eating our way through it…with you of course so we can share in all the fun. If there were ever a time I really needed to go there, now would be it…

    • researchingparis

      We certainly made our way around the menu 🙂 I do agree – Paris certainly has landmarks that take your breath away and museums that contain innumberable pieces of priceless art – but the French also know how to really enjoy the simple pleasures. Like traditional food, good wine and a superb sunset view. Come back soon so we can do it all again!!

  3. I just want to try that rillettes de crevette. How is it?

    • researchingparis

      So good. I would imagine they are adapting the menu for the heat, but this could stay on all summer. Very refreshing. Having to choose between that and the salad with Reblochon would be an extremely difficult decision.

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