Intermission (I) – Holding our Breath

I blame the lack of any creative post on the World Cup semifinals. Tonight Netherlands rocked Uruguay. Tomorrow I will be cheering on Germany over Spain.

One of the best parts about watching football with colleagues are all the new pubs to which I am introduced, as well as the friendships I am cementing along the way.

Here we are, studiously watching the game:

and, as we were leaving, from my newest discovery, The Blue Buoi, home of a delicious salade chevre chaud and very affordable pints of beer.

Ready to take on Spain tomorrow!!

3 responses to “Intermission (I) – Holding our Breath

  1. Looks like fun! Wish I was there SO much! xoxo

    • researchingparis

      It is great fun! Would be even better if you were around. But, when you do make it over again, we’ll make an event out of it 🙂

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