The season of la grève is upon us. My personal guess is that has become too hot for people to want to work, so they decide to strike or protest instead (I did not just make this up – just today coworkers refused to transport reagents from cold storage across campus, using the extreme heat as an excuse, we did it instead). Recently there have been multiple, massive demonstrations fighting over immigration, and last week there was a general train stoppage (more like interruption) in support of maintaining retirement standards. Just yesterday, while walking to my semi-annual check-up, I came across this protest having something to do with the current state/regulations of French agriculture:

Although hard to tell from this photo, at the point I arrived there were police exiting armored vehicles bearing riot shields and helmets, so I did not take a lot of time or get close enough to learn the nitty-gritty details. I do remain skeptical as to the necessity of the hard-core gear when the grievances seemed to revolve around mass-market yogurt production and at least half of the protesters were busy hand feeding the varied livestock brought down to the Assemblée nationale as visual aids. Maybe someone can fill me in on the root cause for this?

Nonetheless, it was entertaining and uplifting to come across people taking action, rather than complaining about the current state of things over coffee. The French take their rights to assembly and speech very seriously. Especially when it means gathering in a shady park on a stunningly beautiful weekday afternoon to yell at “The Man”. I, for one, cannot blame them. Well, unless it disturbs my commute…


3 responses to “Protest!

  1. I LOVE to get these from you! It makes my day to see the France I love in all it’s glory! xoxo

  2. Maybe they’re worried about insurgent cows. :0 !!

  3. They do love to bust out the riot gear around here.

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