FFFFP #7 – I’m Ba-ack!

So, it has been a long while. A very, very, very long while. But now, I am back. I have been busy – with work, guests, The German and planning my next big road trip adventure. Lots to tell and no time like the present to get going.

What better way to kick things off but with the return of the FFFFP? It has been slow going for the Parisian fashion conscious these past few weeks. A lingering (slightly hellish) cold front has been sitting on top of our fair city, smothering us with low-lying grey clouds and the occasional downpour. Rather than breaking out the flimsy summer dresses and incredibly see-through tank-tops, the women of Paris have been instead cuddling up in thick scarves and bubbly winter coats, only just saved from hibernation. Certainly it has been no time to be chasing and snapping photos of the fashion-forward crowd.

Feeling the blogging itch growing stronger, I had been contemplating a rather bland (read: boring) column on the state of ‘in-between seasonality’ of streetwear lately, when this gift from above sauntered past me on the way to the metro this afternoon. Clearly she was my karmic gift for working on a holiday weekend. With those striped legwarmers, and the Austin Powers tights (not quite paisley, but not quite flower power either), all topped off with the slouched, chunky-cabled wheatgrass-green sweater. It was enough to breathe life into the sagging motivation of this would-be blogger.

Thank you, Flower Power, for your priceless gift of humor, incredulity and inspiration!

3 responses to “FFFFP #7 – I’m Ba-ack!

  1. Yay, you’re back!

  2. I see another FFFFP (though not nearly as entertaining) on the left of this photo. Those shorts + nylons + boots combos have got to stop! 🙂

  3. My 7-year old wore something similar to school this morning…

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