Radio Silence

Note to self – The camera is not LOST, but is most likely simply under some pile of clutter in the house. However, motivation is needed to unearth this essential tool for blogging. Motivation that, for some reason or another, I have completely lost. I am sorry. I am hoping to be back up to my bouncy self tomorrow, camera in hand, for the FFFFP of the week (and the first of many visitors, arriving on Saturday).

That being said, I will not leave you completely without things to ponder. Take this for example:

There has been an announcement that the airports here are grounding flights, as much of Great Britain has been doing throughout last night and today. No one is sure how long we’ll be under the clouds of ash, as much depends on wind and weather patterns, and I am getting concerned emails from family members urging me to take a mask from the lab to wear around the city.

It’s no news to my friends and family in California (who have been rocked by earthquake after earthquake in the past few weeks) how powerful nature is and how quickly these events can supersede modern life and its amenities, but it has taken me by surprise today. I certainly did not wake up this morning thinking that a volcano in Iceland was going to affect my daily life.

One thing is for sure, sunset should be awesome. However, without the aforementioned camera or motivation to find it, my main aims for the evening revolve around Battlestar Galactica.

The day is not completely lost. I learned how to embed video. Yay me!

Back soon. With energy. 🙂

2 responses to “Radio Silence

  1. Be safe! I know the ash feeling from the fires out here! A mask is actually smart, though somewhat dorky OUTSIDE the lab. I’m sure you can make it cute though!!! hehe Love you & enjoy your company!!! xoxo

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