What the FFFFP? (FFFFP #5)

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In past FFFFPs, I have not been putting photos out there to speak for themselves, but adding my take. For the most part, I think this is needed. Obviously there are many out there welcoming back the Hammer pants with open arms, or anxiously awaiting spring to wear tights that could be mistaken for a construction cone if stationary for too long.

Today, however, I will allow the subject to stand on her own. I do not think rationalizing my choice for FFFFP this week is necessary.

Introducing Barbie Girl (so coined by a French co-worker, who upon seeing this photo voiced her view by saying frankly, c’est moche – ‘it is ugly’).

The pink. And the red. And the pink. And the leggings!! The color is making my head hurt (and the saturation of this image has not been altered – not one bit). As much as I would like, despite my protestations above, there really are not words. Except that maybe it is making me crave a cosmopolitan. Pink to continue the theme and almost entirely liquor, to take the edge off.

I am glad it is a long weekend – it may take that long for the pink dot burnt into the middle of my vision to fade.

Thanks to S for sharing the image and making today’s FFFFP so much fun. All FFFFP submissions are welcome! Email me at researchingparis (at) gmail (dot) com.


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