Saturdays in Spring

Finally warm enough to pull out the cute shoes.

Restaurants on my to-eat list. Any volunteers for company?

Music on every corner

A variety of art

Flowers in bloom

Sidewalk Cafes

Food. Everywhere.

Beautiful sunset

Tasty dinner (recipe here)

I’d call it a pretty perfect day.


9 responses to “Saturdays in Spring

  1. I love all the pops of color everywhere and the outdoor food stands…my dream! Get me to Paris!!!

  2. Paris is waking up from the winter! Looks even more beautiful now. Do those strawberries taste as good as they look?

  3. researchingparis

    Anna – Haven’t tried them yet, but will soon… They certainly look amazing and there were walls of them at every grocer…
    Crystal – you are welcome, any time 🙂 I am looking forward to having a forum to share, this year, how amazing this city is in the spring and summer. Outside of monuments and museums, everything is in bloom and it truly is a wonderland…

  4. I saw a colorful flower stand at the market today, and it made me so happy! And anytime you need complany to try out a restaurant, call me! 🙂

  5. Looks like fun! Time for me to come back!

  6. Wow! This was a very fun post to read– I need to get into your kind of research!

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