In my excitement showing off my FO parade yesterday, I forgot to finish it off with my favorite recent knit. Another for baby Alex. Unfortunately it is a bit big. It seems like he’ll fit into it right about the time July hits. Which is no time to be wearing a sweater in Paris. Oh well. Made for a cute photo. And the hat will last a while…

Baby Sophisticate sweater and ribbed beenie (taken on the Blackberry).

In other news, more than the calendar hitting March 21st this past weekend, the true sign of spring is here. Slightly shady guys selling beautiful daffodils outside of the metro. Gotta love it.


3 responses to “Post-Script

  1. He is SO cute (and NOT the shady daphodil guy!)!! Dress me next Lissa! You are SO talented! Mom is great but I never had the patience for knitting! One of those talents of yours I really lack & admire! xoxo

  2. Baby Alex has the most precious facial features. Such a beautiful baby. And that hat…awesome! It looks so great with his sweater. Maybe he’ll be a little on the small side so next winter it’ll fit just perfect.

  3. My Métro stop has someone selling snacks. when the chestnuts turn to corn, I’ll know the warm weather is here. 🙂

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