I Made This!

Log cabin blanket for the family of The German. Approximately 1.8 x 1.2 meters. iPod Touch for scaling purposes.

Despite not writing much about it here, I spend most of my waking time at work. Lately the science has been going quite well, which has meant infrequent blogging and long nights collecting samples or analyzing data. As most scientists will tell you, when things are working well, you do not ask why – just ride the wave as long as it lasts – it is lab voodoo.

When I do finally make it home, I am mentally exhausted – frankly, this kicks in at about 4pm, but I try to get enough momentum going in the morning to push me through the end of each day. Once I drop off my bag by the door and kick off my shoes, I always need a little time to myself – doing decidedly un-science-y things – to help me relax and unwind. Sometimes I cook. Most of the time I knit.

There was a moment, circa 2005, when kitting was the ‘it’ hobby. Everyone was stitching AND bitching. I even remember an entire women’s magazine spread about Julia Roberts making scarves for film crews on her movie sets (the reading selection for the elliptical machine at my Boston gym was somewhat limited). Although the trend watch has moved on, I still spend most evenings cuddled up under a blanket working on one of many works-in-progress (WIPs) while sipping tea and watching my current television obsession (today: Alias). This is one of many reasons that no one will ever accuse me of being trendy – my views on colorful tights may be another.

Lately, I realized that I had more WIPs than I could count on my two hands. I also did a bit of stash* organizing and realized that I have shipped (usually using The German as a mule – or sheep – as the case may be) at least as much yarn to Europe over the past 18 months as I did clothes when I first moved here. So, rather than go out and buy that marino wool I wanted to start this sweater, I decided that finishing projects and stashbusting** was the way to go. So far, so good.

For as much as I knit, it is embarrassing how little I finish. And, when I do, the pieces aren’t half bad. At least that is what the recipients have said. And, so I give you the first of many FOs (finished objects), and some of their happy owners (excuse the laboratory in the background)!

C. in her multidirectional diagonal scarf and voodoo hand warmers. Congratulations for defending an excellent PhD thesis!!

M. in his mistake rib scarf. Incredibly belated Christmas gift. The German also got one of these, but escaped the glare of the camera’s lens.

M. in her Evangeline fingerless mitts. Great for keeping hands warm while Skype-ing with friends and working late in the lab. I have no idea why her fingers are glowing.

and, finally, Alex in his log cabin baby blanket.

Footnotes, for my non-knitting savvy readers.

* stash: stock of yarn on hand.

** stashbusting: only making current and future projects from the stash, i.e. requiring no new yarn purchase.

9 responses to “I Made This!

  1. I SERIOUSLY want Evangeline fingerless mitts. They are AWESOME! You are so talented in every way! Really proud of you Lissa!

    • I wear them ALL THE TIME! They are perfect for lab or when it’s chilly out but not quite cold enough for gloves. I also get lots of compliments on them – everyone is very impressed when I say they are “home-made”!

      My fingers are glowing because naturally pale + Boston winters = ghost.

  2. researchingparis

    Awww. Thanks, Jai 🙂
    Requests are possible! Color preference?

  3. You are so talented! I love the matching set in the first picture. Oh, and I wholeheartedly agree with you. Colorful tights are bad. Just bad. And leggings worn as pants make me want to scream at the wearer! I enjoyed all of the photos you posted with them though. They do make for a good laugh at least!

    • researchingparis

      Thanks, Crystal! I have added your blog to my roll and am enjoying reading it as well. I don’t think I have the self control to give up bacon, but being conscious of what I am eating and filling my recipe box with healthy choices is definitely a plus. Looking forward to reading more!!

  4. Isn’t it great to make something with your hands that then makes other people happy? 🙂

    • researchingparis

      Hi Camille! I know. It is an incredible feeling. Not that I would ever be able to clothe a family – but it fills that need that I’m just a little bit Laura Ignalls Wilder on the inside. And, like your recent pie experience, it is wonderful therapy, which is the most important part.

  5. Well done!

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