After the Lyle Lovett concert a few nights ago, my companions and I set off to find a cheeseburger. It seemed like the perfect finish to our night of Americana. We braved the frigid winds along the canal to a relatively new pub, only to find that we missed food service by about 10 minutes – exactly the same 10 minutes that the waitstaff ignored us before we decided to approach them for menus. Once our fingers had thawed enough to put our gloves back on, we moved on and comforted our souls with large bowls of steaming vietnamese noodles instead. Although our hunger had been sated, the craving for that all-American meal stayed with me, and sooner or later I had to give in.

A few days later, I found another friend willing to join me in my gluttony and we headed just around the corner from the Institut to a cafe that makes a mean burger (and a pretty tasty club sandwich, to boot). I have not done too many comparative burger taste tests in Paris, because this one always hits the spot. Although, I will always refuse to eat it with a knife and fork…

4 responses to “Cravings

  1. Is that burger from the same place you took me to near the Institut? I still remember Karl’s pink beer. That was hilarious. Great food though!

    • researchingparis

      It is the same place. People keep telling me there are tasty burgers elsewhere but I don’t feel the need to try. If I like the tartare here, then the burger has to be good 🙂
      However, the to-die-for dish is definitely the croque pasteur – country bread, ham, goat cheese and gooey melted emmental? sight me up for the cholesterol express!! soon it will be spring and all my cold weather excuses for such food will be gone…
      maybe pink beer is more of a summertime drink? will have to try it! 🙂

  2. What if I told you I know a good burger place… near your apartment?

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