Supermarket Secrets II


The first thing that guests want when they arrive in Paris is cheese. And then wine. Followed by more cheese and, if the fates are smiling, a steaming baguette from the boulangerie around the corner. The thought of going to a supermarket never enters one’s mind – too much time is spent following one’s nose from the fruit and veg stand to the poissonaires, and then back again to the fromagerie. Understandably so, as these things can all be exceptional here.


However, much can be said for one-stop-shopping and, mostly, what kinds of items I have discovered when wandering the aisles in a foreign country with an all-too-familiar rumble in my belly. Despite the multitudes of cheese taking center stage, what I have been astounded by in my dairy case has been the yogurt. The choices stretch, in well-stocked cases, as far as the eye can see. The flavors range from the achingly sweet chocolates to the piquant, unsweetened (or nature) varieties. Not to mention the goat and sheep’s milk options. Luckily I do not need to constantly choose. One of my favorite brands, La Laitiere (let’s ignore the giant Nestle on the box for now), sells four of their basic saveurs (citron, vanille, noix de coco and fraise) as a variety pack, containing two of each. Keeps my taste buds on their toes each morning.

yogurt variety

My consistent favorite has been the coconut – not the cultured version of a virgin piña colada found in the US – but a slightly sweetened, dense and silky creamy confection flecked with shards of coconut. It is, for me, the perfect way to start my day. When quizzed, my recent houseguests were immediately able to put their fingers on the difference between the yogurts here and back home. It is the texture. There are no grainy lumps that I optimistically think I can ‘stir away’, or watery layer that has floated to the top, waiting to ruin my appetite upon opening. Perhaps this is related to fat content – I cannot recall seeing many (if any) fat-free dairy mishaps in the French markets. Rather each yogurt is thick and smooth, rich but not too heavy. Even better, many are sold in small glass jars, which are not only adorable, but work well as measuring cups for traditional recipes (I have made this and it is delicious) and make handy picnic wine glasses come summertime!


2 responses to “Supermarket Secrets II

  1. I miss the yogurt, though I was only in Paris for a few days! I bought some Swiss stuff when I got home, but it was runny and too sweet. The fact that people can eat the artificially colored nutrasweet stuff makes me wonder whether they know what yogurt is in the first place. Most of the stuff sold in the States hardly qualifies as food, much less good yogurt.

  2. I was eating my Yoplait Light n’Fit crap as I read this and sighed. I envy your dairy life (among other things). 🙂 However, I am planning to send you a care package (skittles and such), so send your addy again. Sounds like you have been running like a madwoman lately so I’m glad that you have been able to stop and smell the cheese. Lets have a phone date soon. Miss you! XO, K

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