The Marketplace

market 2

Yes. Nice is nice. In fact, it is beyond nice – it was stunningly beautiful. Our hotel faced the Mediterranean and, in order to get to the conference venue each morning, we had to walk though the twisting, turning narrow lanes of the old city which were full of small boulangeries and boucheries. However, we first had to pass through the main square where, each day, there is an open-air market.


The goods for sale changed on a daily basis. It became the highlight of my morning to see (and surreptitiously photograph) each day’s wares.  We figured, to be almost completely set up by 7:30am when we walked through each day, they must have started at 6. The merchants were kind, always smiling – even at me, the silly American taking endless photos and babbling about viruses. Or, maybe that was laughter.
On the Saturday we arrived, there were books. I have never wanted to read French more in my life.
Sunday was food – aromatic spices across the aisle from plump blueberries (and check out the ‘shrooms on the table in the back!). It was enough to make my mouth water. Even after my coffee and croissant.

berries and shrooms

Monday featured a flea market…
…and there were flowers on Tuesday. I could smell the market before I came around the corner from the Quai des Etats-Unis. The heady perfume of gardenias and delicate beauty of blooming orchids confirmed that, for me, this city is paradise.
I decided then and there that I must return to Nice, preferably without work, but with the German in tow and stay at least one week. Just to know what is featured Wednesday through Friday. Scientific curiosity, really…

Because someone needs to quality control these sweets…


One response to “The Marketplace

  1. Nice is full of those confiture places where they make the glaceed fruit. Some have big windows through which you can watch the candy makers do their thing. Those are great. I don’t know if I am crazy about the products though. They seem almost too precious to eat. So glad you had a good time in Nice! It really is gorgeous. Did you see all the glam women with huge expensive bags and tiny expensive dogs in their arms? Those are fun.

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