For Sale

pomme d'amour

This morning I woke up **way** too early for a Saturday (6:45am) and traveled across Paris while there was no one in the subway – slightly too late for the post-party stragglers and definitely too early for the slow, quiet morning set. I watched the sun come up over the city as I escaped to the suburbs. All to go yard sale-ing.

empty subway

I have an inconsistent yard sale-ing past. I went frequently in Boston with friends, using these outings as opportunities to discover new neighborhoods, excuses to try new brunch locales and, if something awesome called out to us, buying things for which we would never have considered paying full price. Case in point: the 2-DVD complete set of ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ ($1.00). It was mine, if only for a short while.
It took me a long time to offload all of what I had accumulated during my many years on the East Coast, and I have really enjoyed a (relatively) minimalistic lifestyle. However, with the new, bigger place and the feeling that this is home now, I figured it was worth checking out what Parisians were selling off.

yard 3
This was no typical US-style, front-yard garage sale. The entire town decided to pool their resources and have one big tag sale for the entire population, creating (I think, it had to be) more than a kilometer of sale space. More junk (and baby clothes) than you can possibly imagine. It was incredibly overwhelming and, maybe, a bit counterproductive, as it was such sensory overload. Even the guy below did not want to deal with the throngs of people and just set up outside of his shuttered window (how it was all supposed to come together I haven’t a clue…).

yard sale 3
The larger-scale event also brought in food vendors for snacks (mmm crepe confiture), as well a multitude of sausages and the very friendly cheese guy.

yard sausages
yard cheese

Our tactical strike got us there early, so we could leave when the crowds were at their peak (mid-day). This unfortunately meant missing the delicious, gooey tartiflette that was just starting to simmer as we departed.
I ended up lugging home a bag filled with new goodies for the kitchen – not a bad haul for my first time, and for under 5€! My snack bill was higher. But the pain aux lardon picked up in the train station upon my return was so worth it.


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  1. Fun! Let me know the next time you want to go flea-marketing.

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