Hug your Postdoc today!

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Today is National Postdoc Appreciation Day. Well, according to that website, there are events in Canada and Australia, so it is actually International Postdoc Appreciation Day. That’s what I’m talking about! As a junior postdoc (my first doctor-versary is in just a few days), I like this idea. We work hard and, as I have been told repeatedly, this is not a career for those who want frequent accolades or recognition. So, I am celebrating by relaxing this evening and not posting much 🙂 My congratulations and virtual hugs go out to all of my colleagues and friends who are toiling in the scientific trenches, as well as those of you who have cleared a path away from the bench – we are all still postdocs. Pat yourselves on the back – we’ve made it a long way, baby!

In other news – check out my snazzy blogroll on the sidebar! Yay to wordpress for making this super easy. Now you have 24 more reasons to procrastinate! Enough of the exclamation points and back to relaxing…

(image borrowed from the this website, which I strongly support)

One response to “Hug your Postdoc today!

  1. Hey, thanks for the links! I appreciate it, and you. 🙂

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