Paris Bites: L’As du Fallafel

fallafel for the soul

I have already mentioned that one of the first places I take visitors is L’As du Fallafel. And, I am not the only one to write about it, by far. You get an amazing amount of food for 5€, a chance to interact with some of the friendliest locals in town and you walk away with (what seems to me) perfection in a pita pocket.

So, of course, I took The German during his visit. He was suitably impressed, even though I felt that maybe the fallafel men were a bit off of their game that night (smiling did not seem to be a priority on this night, unfortunately).

fallafel guys
As we ate we ventured down to Notre Dame and had the good luck to see the same band of old-timers who impressed me so much one month ago. Although there was a crisp chill to the autumn air, I was warmed by a great meal, excellent company and touching music. A calm, quiet evening, it was one of the highlights of that week for me, ending (touchingly) with a group of strangers, all singing “What a Wonderful World” along with the band.

lenny kravitz
Besides, how can you pass up fallafel recommended by Lenny Kravitz? It is just not an option.


5 responses to “Paris Bites: L’As du Fallafel

  1. So we are going there, right? I have to get over my constant disappointment with falafel. I have never had it done well. I hope this does the trick for me, and I fall in love with falafel like everyone else.

    • Of course we are going there. It is a requirement when visiting. If only because it is the only time I eat there… I hope it does the trick for you though – I had never been super-impressed either until I had this one. And, I’ve tried the various ones at competing places and it has not been the same… We’ll see – fingers crossed!

  2. I still dream of that falafel…best I’ve ever had! 🙂

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