Our ‘Best Of…’

romulus and remus

Having been in Rome relatively recently, one of the main ideas behind choosing this locale for our weekend holiday was the lack of pressure (at least on me) to rush out and see anything in particular. The German had also been there before so I thought that, if we did push to see anything in particular, it would be more like a “greatest hits” tour than trying to visit each relic, ruin or museum the city has to offer.

I think the plan worked pretty well. We rested and toured and ate in equal proportion. By far, one of the best parts of working in Europe is how easy it is to travel to different countries and experience different cultures, one weekend at a time.

A piece of unsolicited advice? If you are planning a trip to Rome anytime soon, I cannot urge you strongly enough to pick up a RomaPass. This handy bundled package lasts for 3-days and includes all-you-can-use metro and bus passes, as well as free entrance to any two of the included museums (of which there are over 40). All for around 20€. Not to mention the fact that, with the pass, there is no standing in line. That alone was worth it, especially as the line to enter the Colosseum was hundreds deep…

Moving on – to our “best of Rome”:
Day 1:

Saint Peter’s Square. We decided not to stand in line (theme here?) to enter the Basilica, but just admired the edifice from the square.


Isola Tiberina. This is the world’s smallest inhabited island and features Rome’s oldest standing bridge (62 BC!). I’m a history buff – this makes me irrationally happy…


Ruins by night. History buff + photography hobby + well-lit ancient monuments = I may have taken way too many photos like this:


And then we ate. A lot.

Day 2:

Forum Romanum and Colosseum (there’s a word that never looks like it is spelled right).

Although I had seen these in December, they always take my breath away. The history, the preservation and, uniquely, the effort of the city to mix old and new, pagan and Christian. I really enjoyed the contrast. The German did not.



Finally, the Pantheon by night (again with the artifacts and the lighting – it was pure nerd nip).


Day 3:

Despite all of our lip service to relaxation and not rushing, we did manage to cram in a quick run-through of one of the world’s best museums before catching our early-evening flight. It was just a tease and I cannot wait to return and take the time to see it all in earnest.


On our way to catch our bus, we made a quick (and very well-advised, based on the curb-sitting crowds outside) detour for pizza


and returned to Paris. Not bad for 48 hours, hmm?

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