The German is Coming!


(Picture completely unrelated to post, but these are the moments I want to share – even if you’ve seen the view before)

Living a great distance from family and friends is torturous at times and lonely at best. I have been doing this for a long time – first, growing up in California and then becoming a ‘right-coast’-er and extreme Red Sox fan while in graduate school in Boston. Paris did not seem, at the time I made the decision to move, like that much further. In fact, for my family, both destinations require a pretty pricey ticket and many hours on a plane – granted many, many hours to get to Paris.

Life is what happened while I was making these plans and, without really noticing, romance came calling. Not one to pass up an experience and being honest about my future plans, I dove in. With him by my side, I experienced my last Boston summer, fireworks on the Esplanade, backyard barbeques and baseball games – and I fell in love. But plans had been made, contracts signed and careers to mold, and eventually the day came that I had to leave.
No one sets out wanting a long-distance relationship and they are, in the best of circumstances (which, to me, is only when the separation is a short, well-defined period of time), difficult. We’ve had our ups and downs, break-ups and reunions. Despite the thousands of miles between us and many overly emotional late-night conversations, our bond has only gotten stronger.
Luckily for me he is German, which means that every year at least once he is on the same continent as I and (relatively) easy to visit. Yet, I am selfish and sharing these visits with his family and childhood friends means I have less input in how we share our time together. Tomorrow he takes off from Boston for his first real visit to Paris – just to see me. I am incredibly spoiled and super excited. To show him my new place and have his hand to hold as we explore the neighborhood together. I even have a few surprises up my sleeve.
Paris is a city of light and a city of love. It takes my breath away on an everyday basis, but there is something missing when I do not have loved ones here with whom to share those moments. I especially have so many things I want to share with him. Now I will have my chance. It is like a re-boot for my heart and soul. The clock cannot go fast enough until then.

5 responses to “The German is Coming!

  1. The Blog looks great, the picts of the tower are stunning. Excited for the German to visit!

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  3. Yay for the German and for the visit! I am so happy for you, and for your city and for your man. Can’t wait to experience it with you in a month! (not the man, but the happiness and the city. Yea, ok).

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