Starter Apartment

living room

As I have mentioned previously, I was very lucky to find decent housing online before I arrived last October. The landlord and I exchanged several friendly emails and, although Parisian by birth, she is now a Californian, so we even share some geography. Luckily for me, she happened to be visiting family in France for the month surrounding my emigration. This ended up being such a relief , as she went out of her way to help me set up electricity, a bank account, internet and the rest of the details not always at the forefront of my mind when making such a move. She was incredibly kind and patient. Between the foreign language and my first glimpse of French bureaucracy, I was completely out of my depth and she kept me on track.

bed nook
The apartment itself is extremely small but, for its size, extremely well arranged. Measuring only 25m2, the high ceilings and mezzanine bed nook (lofted above the bathroom) gave this little box a bit more depth than initially meets the eye. Also included were the relative rarities of an in-unit washing machine, wall-length bookshelf and a full-sized bathtub. This last feature was incredibly useful in the winter when the heating unit could not keep up with demand (not hard to guess why, as it pushed hot air directly up at the only window – single-paned – in the place). On top of clever organization and appliance perks, the place also came furnished – a necessity when arriving from way across the pond with only three suitcases to my name. I have yet to worry about pillowcases, extra towels for guests and wine glasses.

Besides being optimally outfitted on the inside, the apartment is centrally located, equidistant from metro lignes 1 (hotel de ville) and 4 (châtelet), at the border between Le Maris and the 1st arrondissement. By foot it is 10 minutes to Notre Dame, 20 minutes to Place du Bastille and 15 minutes to the Musée du Louvre – a great base from which to explore the city.
Most of all, it has been a place to call home for the past nine months. I was lucky to find a cute, cozy place in the center of the city to make my base of operations as I settled in. I had the experience of living in the heart of Paris and feeling part of the mad rush across multiple metro stations each morning to reach my destination. After years of watching Friends, Seinfeld and How I Met Your Mother, I finally got my chance to live in a small flat, above small, independently owned shops in a big city and to figure out how much more I like my space, peace and quiet. Anyone need an apartment in central Paris for October 1?


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  1. I wish I needed this apartment!! 🙂

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