Images of Summer

Although autumn does not officially begin until the end of the month, it seems that Mother Nature has decided to shift seasons early this year. Maybe it was to make La Rentrée more tolerable, but from September 1st onwards Paris has been cool, gusty, rainy and gray. So, suspecting no one wants to hear any more details about my ongoing move (almost done!!!) and knowing we could all use an injection of color and sunshine into our day, I am posting my five favorite pictures of my first summer in Europe (in no particular order).

1. Looking back towards the town of Opatija, Croatia while walking along the ocean. I was in Croatia for an 11-day laboratory training course in June. Very good science. Even better people.


2. Eiffel Tower at sunset on July 14th. I had a visitor from California, a few bottles of wine, much cheese, several baguettes and a variety of chocolate – a picnic on the Champ de Mars before watching the Bastille Day fireworks was a must.

tower sunset

3. Ice cream in Strasbourg. I made a weekend getaway in mid-August to Strasbourg to visit some of the new-found friends made in Croatia. In between seeing the Cathedral and the European Parliament (both amazing buildings in their own ways), we stopped for glace at the best shop in town. I adventurously chose violette, Eléonore had mangue and Pritesh had after-eight (glorified mint-chip). To say it hit the spot is an understatement.


4. Bubbles in the gardens of Versailles. My summer was bursting with visitors and, using them as an excuse, I tried to take advantage of as many summer-only activities as possible. Margaret and I traveled to the Chateau de Versailles to see the gardens in full bloom and Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes, a summer-only fountain, torch and fireworks display. The bubbles (and flaming torches – clearly) were my favorite parts.


5. This summer found me finally settling in and recognizing Paris as home. I also realized, with a bit of a start, how much of my time I had been spending in the lab and, correspondingly, how little I was getting out to explore the city. This is no longer the case. I also put a lot of conscious effort into my photography. I find this city to be at its most beautiful at night and I am always trying to capture the lighting and shadows that make the sights of Pairs even more beautiful after the sun has set. This is just me fooling around – trying to get the trees – and getting myself in the process. Its my favorite self-portrait so far.


Here is to hoping that Indian Summers exist on this side of the Atlantic. If they do, what are they called here? And, in this vein, I saw these geese in June:


In the US they are called Canadian Geese. What should I call them in France?

That’s me. Always questioning.


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